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Coral Gables AC Services Coral Gables, FL 786-438-3694When one thinks of clear-blue skies, pristine azure waters, lush greenery, and all-year sunshine, the picture-perfect Miami-Dade County comes to mind. Once a swampy marshland, the region underwent a drastic transformation that rewrote the course of history, making it into the swanky urban dwelling that seamlessly blends modern sophistication with nature’s charm. For long, its warm climate and blissful ambience drew people from the north of the country, and with steady advancements in transportation and facilities, the area witnessed a rapid rise in population. Following the boom in 1990s, the county’s growth had hit a peak, and it became a tourist magnet, drawing people the world over who wanted a taste of its enigmatic beauty and grace.

Air conditioning: How it’s burdening our pockets?

While its rise has been phenomenal, on the downside, the increasing population growth and shrinking spaces prompted the people to rely on air conditioners for their everyday comfort. If you’re a resident of Miami-Dade, you’ll know just how difficult it is to get by without letting your air conditioner run constantly, be it at your home or office. In fact, we’re so heavily reliant on these systems that over 30-40% of our electricity bills comprise of air conditioning use. Moreover, we make a huge investment in hunting down the perfect air conditioner and pool in even more money towards its maintenance and repairs. For all you know, you’re likely to be spending a significant chunk of your savings towards air conditioning.

The key to efficient air conditioning use

If you’re worried your bills are mounting due to the air conditioning, not using it anymore isn’t a solution – because we know just how brutal summers in Miami-Dade County can be. Instead, Coral Gables AC Services recommends a few proactive measures you can take to reduce costs:

  • Find the right AC:
    Wrong unit sizing, whether it’s undersized or oversized, can consume more energy than viable and will add on to your costs. Consult an air conditioning expert from our company to find the perfect fit.

  • Install it right:
    Air conditioner installation isn’t just about mounting the unit and getting it to work – it needs to work right. Proper insulation, weather stripping and other elements can ensure efficiency operation. Rope us in for the job.

  • Use natural air conditioning:
    Do not always rely on your air conditioner. During the cooler months, use a fan, open up the windows and let the natural breeze cool your place down.

  • Say yes to maintenance:
    Stop ignoring maintenance because it can cost you way more than you think. Ruling out faults in your air conditioner will allow it to work seamlessly, and reduce chances of repairs and breakdowns.

  • Check for leaks
    Refrigerant leaks are fairly common. When that happens, the cooling efficiency comes down considerably. In addition it can prove harmful to the environment. Make a conscious choice by getting the unit checked for leaks regularly.

  • Plant shade trees
    Plant shade trees around your property which can have a substantial cooling effect and cut down air conditioning costs by a large percentage!

  • Know who to trust
    Unscrupulous AC companies in Miami-Dade County may lure into a trap and you’ll never know why your AC is getting repaired so often or why your bills are so high. Trust experience and reputation, trust Coral Gables AC Services!

A to Z air conditioning solutions

From installation to repairs and maintenance, Coral Gables AC Services is your one-stop air conditioning expert that can guide you through the process of surviving the heat in Miami-Dade without letting your bills overflow. With 24/7 service and a client base in the thousands comprising residential and commercial clients, you can trust us without thinking twice.

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